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Vitor Baía Foundation

The Vitor Baía Foundation’s principles of intervention and their primary objective the support of social development, economic, cultural, educational, sporting and artistic of the most needed in several areas, and its main concern children and adolescents.


Consulting firm, specializing in Marketing, which represents organizations, personalities and reference projects in national and international context.


It has a team of employees with years of experience in the areas of sponsorship, management, marketing, economics and sport management.


The main line of action in day-to-day business is always the concern of generating deal clearly to its partners.

Chef Elísio Bernardes

Elísio Bernardes, is a young chef, enterprising, formed in the School of Hotelaria andTourism Porto, where is now a professor with specialization courses ranging from thePortuguese Regional Cuisine, Vegetarian passing by, until the Molecular Kitchen.


Eat well, healthy, cheap and privileges domestic products may use simple cookingtechniques and good presentation are some of the tricks that Chef Elísio like to sharein their showcooking.

Ricardo Mendoza

Master of NLP, Neuro-strategy, Hypnosis and Coaching, is also the creator of the Method SANO to sport establishments representing national and international level, both in world football as in other sports areas.


The Portuguese designer Ricardo Chemega, works in a variety of projects in the areas of graphic design and art direction for the industries of music, culture, fashion and advertising.


Is our Creative Director and responsible for all the communication of TGC.